The future of money: the Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin everbody can send money across the internet without a bank. These transactions are safe, encrypted, anonymous, fast and very cheap.

Bitcoin is digital cash.

What is Bitcoins potential?

The potential is huge. Globally 2.5 Billion people do not have a bank account. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies these people get access to modern banking and financial services. And with much lower fees.

For this reason experts predict a possible value of a Bitcoin up to millions of Dollars.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin is the market standard.Just like facebook, google, Apple or Microsoft. Starting in 2009, the Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. Currently its market capitalization is about 40 Billion Dollars (so Bitcoin is worth more than Deutsche Bank).

Bitcoin is the future of money.

The Bit-Blockchain is the foundation of cryptocurrencies

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is Blockchain. Overall the Bit-Blockcain is the first Blockchain. But the Blockchain is also the foundation for a lot of other disruptive innovations. Apps can use the Blockchain to transfer value. The Blockchain and the Bitcoin offer new ways to revolutionize online payments, crowdfunding, crowdlending,…

This leads to demand and value for Bitcoin.

The price development of Bitcoin

The development of Bitcoin is phantastic.Its technological innovation and its limitation to a maximum of 21.000.000 coins creates a huge value. For comparison, the ECB created since March 2015 over 1.500.000.000.000 new Euros. Its zero-interest-rate-strategy costs Germans approximately 436 Billion Euros in lost interest over the last years.

By comparison is Bitcoin’s growth gigantic. The first Bitcoin transaction ever was 10.000 Bitcoins for a pizza. With the current price of 2.200 USD this would be around 22 million dollars…

Bitcoin beats every asset class/currency with ease.

How do I get Bitcoins?

Currently there are about 16.3 million Bitcoins. Each coin is already owned by someone, but you can buy it with banking-apps or at exchanges. Until the limit of 21 million Bitcoins is reached, the miners get new Bitcoins as a reward for there work. Everyday 1.800 new Bitcoins are created (ca. 4 million USD per day). The network of the miners is the foundation for Bitcoin and ist underlying technology Blockchain. With regard to the price of Bitcoin and the level of professionalism, mining can be very profitable.

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